Proof-Reading & Editing

Professional proof-reading and editing services available for students, writers and publishers.

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Whether you’re writing a book, a chapter, an essay or an article; fiction or non-fiction; poetry or creative cross-genre text-work, I’d love to hear from you and help you shape and craft your writing to reach its highest potential.

Maybe you’re creating your own website or designing a flier – I’ll help you make it as professional and fit-for-purpose as possible.

If you need help with a project, I can provide copy-text and visual design for small documents, leaflets and booklets.

I’m particularly keen to work with spiritual / alternative-lifestyle writers, writers of innovative literature, and small publishers.  My services will also be of benefit to literature students and writers at any level.

I’m a professional proof-reader and copy editor, working for Cammad since 2015.  I also read prolifically in a wide range of literary styles for my own PhD creative/critical research and as a judge for the Republic of Consciousness Prize.  I am now offering free-lance proof-reading and editing services to students, writers and publishers.

Contact me for proof-reading and editing services for your book, chapter, article, essay, website, leaflet, or creative project.


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Proof-reading and Editing: £20 per hour.  Depending on the style and quality of the writing, it will usually take around 40 minutes per 1000 words to edit to a good overall standard.  Please note: there is a £20 minimum fee for all proof-reading and editing work.

For bespoke projects, such as leaflet or booklet design, please contact me with your specific requirements and to agree a price.

Want more?

Spiritual friends – get in touch for writing & publishing advice and one-to-one consultations for developing your potential through writing.  First session: £60 (includes pre-reading up to 3,000 words); All subsequent sessions: £40 per hour.

Writing Utopia Now: Talks and Workshops available

The Embodied Writer: Talks and Workshops available

Publishers’ Package

Working together with illustrator and animator Joe Evans, we can provide your book with cover design, illustration and promotional trailers.  Contact us for further details.

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