🌀Here’s a short video I made about some of the benefits I’ve experienced in my own journaling practice 🌀
🌼 In this short video I describe some of the ways Journaling has enabled me to become more grounded, more conscious and more empowered 🌼
These daily supportive practices can give a strong foundation for your writing practice, support the grounding effects of your journaling process & help to remove writer’s block.
💎 WRITING & THRIVING Supportive Practice: Hakini Mudra & Parvati Invocation ~ for increased intuition and focus in your writing practice 💎
📝 Sankalpa Mudra can bring inspiration to your writing practice, connecting you with the creative flow of Saraswati’s energy 📝
✨ Lakshmi Mantra & Padma Mudra to support you with cultivating a Gratitude practice in your daily journaling ✨
❄️ A winter solstice fire ritual to support your journaling practice as you deepen into the darkest time of the year ❄️