You’re a writer but you’re feeling blocked… You have a project that you’d just love to be writing, and you know you should, but you’re not sure where to start… Or, if you’ve started, perhaps you’re not sure how to continue, or what to do now you’ve got your first draft complete…

I’m a writing mentor, offering feedback and support for your writing project. I give honest and professional guidance on your WRITING and provide tips on not just surviving but THRIVING while you’re doing it. My one-to-one sessions include mentoring, feedback and supportive practices from yoga and meditation to alleviate stress and align you with your best potential.

If you have a writing project you’d like me to support, contact me to find out what I can offer as your WRITING & THRIVING mentor! sallyshaktiwillow[at]icloud.com


Just had the first mentoring session and it’s been really positive so far. The feedback to my first written piece that I sent was very encouraging and constructive, and gave me courage to move forward to start thinking about doing the next one.

I felt nervous about sending it at first as it was so personal and sensitive, but I felt my story was treated with a great deal of respect and care. I felt supported and able to open up, and it was good during the session to talk through ideas and get feedback on different aspects to do with the writing process.

I felt communication was good throughout and very prompt, and when there was an issue with not being able to view the comments on the document for some reason, an alternative solution was quickly found.

I am also grateful for the breathing and self care practices offered, as this will help with the sometimes difficult process of doing the writing. 

Thank you also for the document on the four stages of writing, which looks really useful.

Overall, it’s been very helpful to have somebody with such experience and expertise to look over my work and give me honest impressions and feedback. 

Writer, London


Sally-Shakti’s feedback was encouraging, perceptive and supportive, giving me more confidence in the potential of my work and a much needed boost at this often challenging second draft stage. I’m looking forward to continuing this process as I shape my manuscript, knowing it’s in safe and experienced hands with her.

Morgan Khalsa, Writer


Sally-Shakti’s skilled gentle leadership and guardianship of my journey towards writing and publishing my book has brought a sense of power to my writing. It is directing and shaping my discipline and commitment to myself and writing my book.

Zillah O Neal, Writer


Sally-Shakti Willow

Writing my PhD in Utopian Poetics showed me what it means to be a writer. I wrote four books of poetry and a 50,000 word thesis, and I started journaling as a way to ground and heal myself.

While I was studying, I also wrote and maintained the Contemporary Small Press website, writing regular reviews of new fiction and poetry published by small presses. I was on the judging panel for the 2018 Republic of Consciousness Prize for literary fiction from the small presses. So I was reading a lot of great writing too. And I co-developed and taught a series of workshops called WELLBEING WHILE WRITING for doctoral researchers at the University of Westminster.

WELLBEING WHILE WRITING used practical techniques from Creative Writing pedagogy to support PhD students of all disciplines with the work of WRITING their thesis. I also used my knowledge and experience of yoga and meditation to provide MOVING & BREATHING FOR WELLBEING workshops to graduate students at the University.

I’ve been teaching English since 2004 and I’ve been teaching Creative Writing at the University of Westminster since 2017.

If you’ve got a writing project that could do with a boost, or you could use my support while you’re writing, contact me to find out what I can offer as your Writing & Thriving mentor.


Moving and Breathing for Wellbeing, University of Westminster

What I Offer:

First session £80: This includes our initial 1-hour consultation to discuss your project and provide supportive structures to get you started with the writing process. If you’ve already started your project, the first session will also include feedback on up to 3000 words of your writing. We will arrange a schedule for regular calls and feedback to support you through each stage of your writing project. These may be weekly, fortnightly, monthly, or a frequency to suit you. After the initial consultation I will send you a plan and agreement summarising what we have discussed, the ways I will support you with your writing project, and the schedule for subsequent sessions.

Subsequent sessions £60: Each 1-hour consultation will include written and verbal feedback on up to 5000 words of your writing, sent to me in advance for reading prior to our call. Sessions will also include suggestions and supportive practices, and provide an opportunity for you to ask questions, discuss your challenges, and clarify any issues.

Contact me to arrange your consultation or discuss your writing project: