Writing Utopia – an anthology of Utopian Poetics co-edited by Sally-Shakti Willow and Sarer Scotthorne, Hesterglock Press (forthcoming, 2020)

[un].holy : 33 sonnets for Brigid – experimental sonnet collection forthcoming from Hesterglock Press (2020)

six sonnets from [un].holy : 33 sonnets for Brigid – published in Datableed, Issue 12 (September 2019)

macrofigurative – poem + video published in para.text issue 7 (August 2019).  (Video collaboration with Joe Evans)

True Rune, Crystal Poem #1 & Crystal Poem #2 – three poems published in  the Inaugural Magickal Women Conference Programme, London (June 2019)

radical doula – poem published in Rise Up & Repeal anthology, Sad Press (May 2019)

ATHA – experimental poetry collection, Knives Forks and Spoons Press (May 2019)

paperw[eigh]t & ‘somewhere. That’ – two poems published in Original Plus Dub anthology, Hesterglock/Prote(x)st (May 2019)

Writing Utopia Now – multi-modal poem-essay-manifesto published in the Utopian Acts Special Issue of Studies in Arts and Humanities Journal, May 2019

folding in – visual poem published in The Projectionist’s Playground 8, 2018

Three Yoga Poems (Pranayama, Mudra, B&ha) – three poems published in Burning House Press, November 2018

Tat Twam Asi & In Other Words – poems on display at Blackpool Illuminations: Knives Forks and Spoons Press, 2018

ReviewWhy I’m No Longer Talking To White People About Race by Reni Eddo-Lodge – review for The Northern Review, August 2018

ReviewPoetry and Performance During the British Poetry Revival 1960–1980: Event and Effect by Juha Virtanen (Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan, 2017) – Academic book review, published in the Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poets, June 2018

[&howto-] – poem published in The Projectionist’s Playground 6, 2018

Guided Meditation: for Maggie O’Sullivan – poem published in Adjacent Pineapple 2, 2017

windfarm turning – poem published in The Projectionist’s Playground 4, 2017

infinite imperative – poem published in Zarf 10, 2017

The Unfinished Dream – collaborative chapbook with visual artist Joe Evans, published by Sad Press, 2016

Straif – poem published in the Nous Sommes Paris anthology by Eyewear Publishing, 2016

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