The Unfinished Dream Published!

Super happy to announce that The Unfinished Dream is now available as a brand new and exciting chapbook from Sad Press! Copies are £6 and can be bought via the website or in person at one of our upcoming performances: Wednesday 9th November, 7.30pm at the Caroline of Brunswick, Brighton Saturday 19th November 7.30pm at the Yoga … Continue reading The Unfinished Dream Published!

Ernst Bloch’s Teleological Paradox

Ernst Bloch’s Teleological Paradox: The temporal tension in Bloch’s utopian philosophy There is a tension in Ernst Bloch’s utopian philosophy between the ideas of the ‘Not-Yet’ and the ‘Totality’, which many critics have explored.  Throughout his body of literature, which documents his development of a utopian philosophy spanning the twentieth century (from Geist der Utopie … Continue reading Ernst Bloch’s Teleological Paradox