imagine you’re singing

[listen here > / read here >>]

imagine you’re singing

several north seas worth

of voice

light up your spine

>> positive energy >>


only by /fracking/

shine[s] through your feet


standing on the shoulders

of frackfield workers’ lungs

quiet breath


these asthmas, silicosis

/notice your chest/



& exhale


are you lying                          [or]


//on the shoulders//


strong fracking roots connected

light up

every part

blink your eyes


quiet breath

inhale [and] exhale

several north seas’



same nonsense

soil abortions

nothing                                              less


these roots

>voice roots>

from frackfield workers’ lungs

\only hope

this democracy

only hope

shale gas\

it was an oil well in Balcombe

light[ing] up your spine ^


shale in Lancashire               //accessible only by fracking


notice your chest       whistling

: standing on the shoulders

of a [Liverpool] future


roots begin to sprout

/same nonsense/

i’m not sure…


notice your chest

running your body through

touch the earth

these asthmas / silicosis

not sure


only hope of

shale gas


voice roots begin to :            [singing]


quiet breath invite

voice roots: begin to –


blink your eyes

stay underground i’m

i’m not sure

what democracy

in this country

we now pay


blink /your eyes open

blink –

you’re singing


running through

several north seas of

shale gas

sprout in your chest

in your lungs

in your voice

only hope


are you



you’re standing on


= blink your eyes open:


//you’re singing//


you’re standing on

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