Toward Passion According – Launch

Book launch of Jazmine Linklater’s Toward Passion According, published by Zarf, at the Peckham Pelican, Sunday 18th February 2018, 7pm.


Sally-Shakti Willow

‘infinite imperative’ – published in Zarf 10



‘rhythm of a living’

‘Guided Meditation: for Maggie O’Sullivan‘ – published in Adjacent Pineapple


Laura Elliot

Reading from lemon, egg, bread – published by Test Centre


Jazmine Linklater

Reading from Toward Passion According – published by Zarf Editions

Plus new poem: ‘Untitled (Siluetas)’


Sun enters Pisces: 18 February 17:17

‘For those with ears to hear, the pulse of the rhythm of Life, the rhythm of becoming and unbecoming, can be detected as its tide spreads … into each and every part of the organic world’ (Astro Moon Diary 2018).


Photos by Ella at all good artists

Read my review of Toward Passion According here

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