Being a Writer When Not Writing : Litha & Lammas

It's been a while... I haven't written a poem since Beltaine. And, as the reader will attest, not a blog post either. Litha, or Summer Solstice, the Celtic season just passing is the Solar Energetic peak of the year, the time of greatest energy for accomplishment and productivity - getting things done and bringing things … Continue reading Being a Writer When Not Writing : Litha & Lammas

Spring Equinox & Libra Supermoon

20-22 March 2019 All the energies are aligned for deep transformation and manifesting positive new directions in our lives right now. This new portal of energy is at a higher vibration than we have experienced before. It is going to help us awaken to new potentials and opportunities. It is going to open and guide … Continue reading Spring Equinox & Libra Supermoon

‘Livingness enacted through a form’

In writing the dailiness of life, the reality releases the dream of perfection. In my own writing practice, I've returned to the ground of my everyday life - journalling with the daily reality of my material circumstances. I've found an excitement in exploring the brevity of the sonnet form, and the openness of its contemporary innovations, to make poetry from my world.

Radical Affirmation & Writing with Ganesha

Imbolc is a time for drawing the seeds of possibility out from the deep dreamworld of winter darkness, into the earth of everyday life where they can be planted in the ground to grow. A time of radical affirmation: acknowledging the daily details of the life I have manifested up to now. Writing with radical … Continue reading Radical Affirmation & Writing with Ganesha