Spring Equinox & Libra Supermoon

20-22 March 2019

All the energies are aligned for deep transformation and manifesting positive new directions in our lives right now.

This new portal of energy is at a higher vibration than we have experienced before. It is going to help us awaken to new potentials and opportunities. It is going to open and guide us into higher realms of consciousness.

To tap into this energy, the Libra Moon will be calling us to take inventory of how we are using our energy and to assess whether we are using it in a way that serves us or drains us.

Through this process, we may realize that we need to let things go, and to do away with things that take up too much of our precious energy reserves. We may also find that we need to protect our energy or adjust the flow of where we are directing it.


I’ve been feeling this and working with preparations for this influx of higher vibrational energy and positive new potential since the Aquarian New Moon at Imbolc. Taking a moment to reflect on the seeds I started sowing in that potent energy gives me an opportunity see just how much is manifesting in my life already, and provides me with pause for gratitude for all that’s taking root.

Here’s my list & how its manifesting:

  • Preparing for the publication of my new book of experimental utopian poetics, Atha, with Knives Forks & Spoons PressWe’ve completed the proofing & editing, Joe has designed the cover, Scott Thurston has provided an incredible endorsement & we’ve signed off on the proof copy this morning. We’re good to go and should have a publication date soon!
  • Preparing the text for four pieces of work coming out in journals and anthologies this spring:
  • Writing Utopia Now in the Utopian Acts Special Issue of Studies in Arts and Humanities JournalI’ve responded to editors comments and am waiting to hear back on the final version of this piece. Publication 1 May.
  • two dub-ritual poems in the Original Plus Dub anthology from Hesterglock Press – All proofed & edited, and the crowdfunder has launched! You can support the project here.
  • ‘radical doula’, a poem in the forthcoming Rise Up & Repeal anthology from Sad Press – Still coming along nicely. I’ve arranged several reviews from lovely writers and we’re set to launch mid-May.
  • an interview with writer Sophie Collins coming up in Northern Review. This is now published! Read it here.
  • Sending out invitations for a new anthology of utopian poetics I’m co-editing with Sarer Scotthorne at Hesterglock Press – This project is taking root & shooting far beyond what we had imagined! We’ve had interest and submissions from some top poets and writers, and secured funding for the initial print-run! We’re now ready to take this project into its next stages with more confidence and fresh potential. We’ll be applying for match-funding from the Arts Council to help support a launch event and/or pay contributors.
  • My free-writing dreaming has given me new seeds to sow, too. I’ve started creating a Patreon page, and I’m developing a new writing course to share, Writing the Wheel of the Year. These are at the early stages of development and I’ll keep you posted with my progress. – MY PATREON IS NOW LAUNCHED! More on that below, but you can see it here. I’m also incorporating the first stages of Writing the Wheel of the Year into my Patreon work, and preparing to start seasonal creative writing courses from Beltaine…

Having this list to remind me of what I was manifesting in my life six weeks ago at the start of Imbolc is a really useful tool in recognising the concrete progress I’ve made through my work with the seasonal energies.

One of my most potent affirmations has been this: ‘I am thriving, prosperous and abundant as a spiritual writer, teacher & healer’. At first it was aspirational – something I was trying to heave into my life through sheer force of will. Then it becomes affirmational – as I began to recognise all the subtle ways that this is already true in my life. This shift – with Ganesha’s grounding energy and the practice of Radical Affirmation – enabled me to cultivate both gratitude and responsibility. Gratitude for all the ways that this is already true in my life right now. Here in the present. And responsibility for all the things I’ve been manifesting that are not truly aligned with that vision. This realisation has empowered me to make more radical changes in my life, to ‘assess how I’m using my energy and whether it serves me or drains me’, and to make positive shifts towards the ‘new potentials and opportunities’ that exist within the ‘higher realms of consciousness’.

And now the affirmation is unstoppable! As I step fully into my calling as a Spiritual Writer, Teacher & Healer, I make conscious choices to use my energy in ways that support my higher calling, rather than draining, ignoring or avoiding it. Taking responsibility for what I’m manifesting means that I can no longer put off the work that I was born to do – it’s not something I can do later, or fit in around another kind of life, or assume will just sort itself out if I want it to enough. I’ve got to take action to manifest those desires from winter dreaming into the solid material world that’s greening and budding with growth all around us as we enter into the Equinox, season of Ostara.

Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue

Ostara supports the fecundity of new beginnings, new growth and projects, and gives access to new ideas for birthing new conditions. Aligned with the energies of this Equinox and Libran Supermoon, Ostara is charging our material reality with potent possibilities for stepping into those new, higher realms of consciousness.

So I’ve made a conscious choice. I’VE LAUNCHED MY PATREON PAGE! I’ve made the decision to step fully into my higher calling as a Spiritual Writer, Teacher & Healer, and to trust and allow that path to unfold before me. I choose to cultivate consciousness in all that I do, and to allow that conscious connection and deeper presence to guide me in where I am and where I need to be. Knowing that I hold the firm intention to manifest work that supports my calling and gives me the opportunities to share my gifts with others in nourishing and high vibrational contexts.

If you feel called to support me on this journey, my Patreon Page shows a list of rewards for your regular monthly contribution. Rewards start from just £3 a month & include:

  • Abundant gratitude!
  • Access to Patreon-only content each month, including new poems and writing prompts
  • Seasonal writing prompts & practices for Writing the Wheel of the Year
  • Exclusive updates & previews of my work on Utopian Poetics
  • The opportunity to be named as a supporter and receive advance copies of all my new books
  • Online-Writing-Mentor Patreons will receive feedback on up to 1000 words of your writing each month
  • Yogi-Poet-Witch Patreons will receive either a Reiki Treatment or a Shamanic Drum Session each month, in addition to all the poetry & writing perks.
  • SUPERMOON Patreons will receive a yearly gift of a canvas art print, featuring my words and QuirkyJoe’s visual art, after each full year of patronage.

I’ll also keep you updated with exclusive offers and news of my forthcoming books, classes, courses, workshops and retreats.

Your support will empower me on the path of my higher calling, and I’ll be sharing those gifts with you as a patron, too.

I choose to walk the path of my highest calling as a Spiritual Writer, Teacher & Healer. I’m launching my business and preparing to launch my face-to-face and online Writing the Wheel of the Year courses AND Community Creative Writing Classes at Beltaine – the flowering of abundance.

This Ostara, I’m growing:

  • more conscious of the choices I make and what I choose to manifest in my life
  • into a higher vibrational consciousness that aligns with my highest calling
  • support for my work through Patreon
  • opportunities to teach Writing the Wheel of the Year, both face-to-face and online
  • opportunities to teach Community Creative Writing classes in Eastbourne
  • in profile: through the forthcoming launch of my new poetry book, Atha, and through the Original Plus Dub, Rise Up & Repeal and Utopian Acts Special Issue of Studies in Arts and Humanities Journal – all publishing my work in May
  • as a writer: through development of the daily practice that I began to cultivate with the rising energies of Imbolc

Working with the heart-vibration of Lakshmi Mantra, I call in all that is radiant, joyful and abundant, and align myself with true generosity of Being.

This Ostara, choose to grow into the new opportunities that await you in this potent time of higher vibrational consciousness!

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