Swim the Sea Inside [Poem]

dive again

            so to swim

                        the sea inside

            your DNA

                        – serpentine   :

            a nebula spiral

                        submerged in seaweed

ancient ritual

            create your own        oasis

                                                            in the flood

drink   yellow bubbles

                        from the river



            access the fifth dimension



            fluid motion

                                    through your body

                        forcing you open

                                                            and you change

            & synchronicity         roars


                                                            cell membranes

                                                diffuse the light

                        silvery splashes

                                                of luminescence

                                    break the current

                                                cleft     the silence


                                    throbs of words

                                                            with water



This poem is collaged from found text at the Water Library, Vital Water Exhibition, Gallery North, Hailsham.

We’ll be experimenting with this, and other writing techniques, at the WRITING WITH WATER: Embodied Writing Workshop at Gallery North on Wednesday 27th March, 10.30am-12.30. Places are filling up fast, so please contact me directly to book. sallyshaktiwillow[at]icloud.com

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