Undone Tongue

Undone tongue 


glistens my shivering

undone soul my

find won’t 

my tongue:

words seamless glistens.
come undone.
tongue seamless 



heart my cold glistens – 


heart won’t find!

seamless tongue

undone heart:

words words words cannot –

undone come.
I find my

shivering, seamless, undone tongue 






words in heart


on tongue 

Writing practice based on Natalie Goldberg’s ‘Syntax’ exercise (Writing Down the Bones, Shambala, 2005).  

‘Our language is usually locked into a sentence syntax of subject/verb/direct-object.  There is a subject acting on an object.  “I see the dog” – with this sentence structure, “I” is the centre of the universe.  We forget in our language structure that while “I” looks at “the dog”, “the dog” is simultaneously looking at us.  It is interesting to note that in the Japanese language the sentence would say, “I dog seeing.”  There is an exchange or interaction rather than a subject acting on an object.

“We think in sentences, and the way we think is the way we see.  If we think in the structure subject/verb/direct-object, then that is how we form our world.  By cracking open that syntax, we release energy and are able to see the world afresh and from a new angle.”  (p68)

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