notes on birdsong (v.2)

in                     shell like trees

coral blooms

flowering prescience :


all dead people are


//[resistancy \          to be    present[


will we know

[you as]



aching tensions

can be                         a ritual




to me no

listen let

me speak

to you



perforation to the other


tasting w/      my finger

molecule absorption

of sound


settled stanzas           open

up/end routine

perplexity in rhythm

rewilding                                vernacular vibration


rainbow web vortex

wyrd spyder hyb[ri]d

captures heartography



will not apologise no

more unreal   world :

offer out         nettles

shaking rattles

bellicose riddle

break              open

my                   red                  breast




filigree sisters

dressed in weather





This poem is a redrafted from an earlier version, here.  I am still likely to cut and edit more to condense it as far as possible as the poem begins to form and shape itself into something more crystalline (labradorite).  






































This poem was generated through the rituals and practices explored in CAConrad’s ‘Ritual and Occult Poetics’ workshop at the Naropa Summer Writing Program 2018.  Heartfelt gratitude to CA and to all my fellow students/collaborators/friends in the workshop, who collectively made this poem possible.


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