blood’s shadow

Super Wolf Blood Lunar Eclipse ~ Moonrise to Moonset 20-21 January 2019

Full moon rising in the southeastern sky over the sea at Eastbourne

blood moon shadow opening temporal parietal occipital fontanelle crown opens accepts pressure intense energetic shifting tectonic opening volcanic earthquake in skull as pressure builds blood moon darkens passes into deep red shadow of the earth before the sun pronounces 

Full lunar eclipse - moon in earth's blood red shadow

passing out of shadow silver sliver light visible at edges see the stars deepen orange amber glow in super morning sky silver sliver crescent re-emerges from face reddened by blood’s shadow the shadow of blood in birth in death in grounding new energies 

Full moon emerging from the shadow of eclipse, streaked by light

full moon renewed enters frontal lobe through expanded forehead skull temple and as the moon passes out of shadow the seagulls take flight and cry 

Full moon renewed as the last of the shadow slips away

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