Valentine’s Sonnet

for Joe

it’s valentine’s day, so           beetroot-cacao lattes are 

                                                            half price in Beanzz

     – only £1.50, so i stay for two & write

                                    pink-brown sweetish with almond milk in a small glass

                        Best latte in town.

Yesterday i had a tall green matcha in Urban Ground

but i was sceptical of the whiteness           

                        of the almond milk    /          heart

like the tattoo-art aesthetic

            Before the hermit people came out naked

                                    we talked all night while we ate

about every meal we’d had & every beer we’d drunk

            in every city in the world

                                    we’ve been together

This week’s writing practice has been grounded in the realities of my daily life. Journalling & free-writing became a starting point for developing a poetic response in exploring the sonnet form through contemporary experimentation. I’ll be writing more about how this works in an upcoming post on 22nd Feb.


Before the hermit people – Laynie Browne, from Protector #3 in Daily Sonnets (2007), Counterpath Press: Denver, CO. p35.

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