bladderwrack crows

New water poem ~ writing with the artworks on display at the Vital Water Exhibition and the books in the Waterweek Library. Waterweek 2019: 22-28 March.

bladderwrack crows


in seaweed trees

born of earth

            & [s]oil/slick/ed emergence

                                    of tremor

                                                into heathen scramble

                        heav(enl)y bodies

                                    broken down assemble

                                                ground with deep murmurs

                        hiss & whistle

                                    ever changing

                                                feverish tongueglitch

                        dulse moss beadweed

                                                            tangle in the larynx

                                    tumble scrolls to letter


                                    blood as flow

                                                return in salt

                        spiral convolutions synch 

                                    underwater   /elements      of rust

                                    gather an invasion [k]not released

desolate celestial turmoil

                        vortex into the folding leaf

                        this vesica


                        on reflection

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