XR – Poem



                                    every day when

                  wireless telegraphy &

                                                      motorized sex


                                                      the air


& lack of


                                                      like these sho[r]es

                                    wear my feet

                                                      in summer melt


                  to earth

                                    my mind

in [the] raw matter[s]

                  of marble


                  paid a premium

                                    to INHERIT

                                                      this cemetery

                                    i carry


                                                                        sucking at

the flavour of fire

                  dissolved into

                                    the law.

fi[ss]ure/s of                                                                                                                              yggdrasil

                                                                                                            peel                          away [on] failing                                                                                                                              poetry’s ragged out                                                                                                                                                                  reach

                                                                                                to unstable stars

& this


solar] rebellion



                                                 to alchemise the                 [lack of]     water

                                                                                                      in mirror shades &

                                                                                   a big concrete smile w/


between [us]

Note: This poem is dedicated to the Hailsham XR Pilgrims who walked from Lewes to London to join Extinction Rebellion.  My love & gratitude to you all. Charlotte Still, Kevin Costello, Laura Jordan, Julie Ford.

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