Summer Offerings from Sally-Shakti Willow: Yogi Poet Witch

Sat 6 July ~ CACAO POETRY MANDALA at the Yoga Life Studio, Eastbourne Thurs 11 July ~ EXTRAORDINARY & EVERYDAY UTOPIAS at the University of Brighton Fri 12 July ~ BREATHING & MOVING FOR WELLBEING at the University of Westminster 17-21 July ~ POETRY MANDALA WORKSHOP & PERFORMANCES at Buddhafield Festival, Taunton Sat 27 July ~ PEACE DRUM … Continue reading Summer Offerings from Sally-Shakti Willow: Yogi Poet Witch

Photographing a Ghost

How many frames in a five-second film? Forty-five in 1894: that’s nine frames per second. Each moment captured one-ninth of a second’s presence and the sneeze from beginning to end lasted five seconds. In the film, I see the sneeze sneezing before my very eyes. A phantasmagoria – this ghost from the past: a man long dead who lives on in his eternal sneeze.

Searching for Utopia

Futures tells the story of Eye, who resolves to construct her own future after her past is taken from her by trauma. Eye’s resulting shock effectively creates a rift between her own past and her future – a rift she inhabits like a nomad, wandering through a world whose pieces no longer seem to fit together. In this void, Eye discovers the freedom to choose her own path, as she gains the strength of presence to decide whether and how she wants those pieces to fit together for her.