‘Livingness enacted through a form’

In writing the dailiness of life, the reality releases the dream of perfection. In my own writing practice, I've returned to the ground of my everyday life - journalling with the daily reality of my material circumstances. I've found an excitement in exploring the brevity of the sonnet form, and the openness of its contemporary innovations, to make poetry from my world.

Undone Tongue

Undone tongue  find glistens my shivering heart undone soul my find won't  my tongue: words seamless glistens. come undone. tongue seamless  won't  soul; heart my cold glistens -  seamless heart won't find! seamless tongue undone undone heart: words words words cannot - undone come. I find my shivering, seamless, undone tongue  my cannot tongue  undone … Continue reading Undone Tongue