Earth Keepers – a poem

A collage poem written with the words and voices of the Earth Keepers, featured in the film DOWN to EARTH by Rolf Winters & Renata Heinen: Langani Marika (Australia), Sumpa (Ecuador), Motiram Baiga (India), Mukwa Ode (North America), Nowaten (North America), Don Jose Quispe (Peru), /Ui/Ukxa (Namibia), Balngayngu Marika (Australia), Haruzou Urakawa (Japan), Lekiti Ole Mokompo (Kenya), Margaret Connolly (Ireland), Klunta Bo (Namibia), Akeekwe (North America), Mokompo Ole Simel (Kenya). 

Samhain: three poems

teach me that encounter w/                mystery no digression cut open & bleed [words] thick viscous red                  red                  red terrified slit in wisty air breath                        silver shiver body blocked prison : cells drifting bullets think in                       bodies molten magma fasten tongue serene/violent     *     burning … Continue reading Samhain: three poems